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One of the saddest events in the world is when a relationship breaks up. Dating and finding a compatible person partner has always been a challenge, and few people in a relationship really want to see it end. Some relationships end with the mutual agreement of both partners. They have recognized they are either not compatible, or they have grown apart and cannot continue their relationship. Those are sad but sweet partings where the partners might be able to salvage their friendship and have good memories.

Relationships where one partner has decided to end it often degrade into ugliness, and it does not matter if they cheat, lie or just walk away. A large part of the problem is that they are not willing to work out the relationship. People that make the decision to leave without discussion are generally unwilling to seek counseling, and they do not care if their partner is willing to work out the issues. They take unilateral action, as if they were alone, and their partner's feelings do not matter at all.